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Value-Added ApproachCreating a more vibrant and attractive community

Our specialty is reviving regionally located, multifamily real estate that isn’t being managed or capitalized to its full potential. Altman’s investment team seeks such under-valued properties, transforming these communities into viable assets through evaluation, fresh capital, and hands-on management procedures.

Under-capitalized properties are often in need of significant improvements and upgrades. To capitalize on the potential of a specific community, our team creates a program to modernize the community funded by an infusion of capital. Updating the building's exterior, the interior of the units and systems substantially increases the value of the property.

Under-managed properties are the effect of owners who are not experienced in the multifamily rental market in which they operate. This lack of information can have unfavorable results which can lead to inaccurate rents. The Altman team will assist in analyzing the property, including its amenities, and recommend a fair rent that will increase occupancy, which benefits all parties.

The result is a more vibrant and attractive community that provides solid market returns for investors, while better-positioning lenders who are in possession of high-quality collateral for their loans.